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Southeast Michigan September 2022


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Available Listings
+1% from last month


New Pendings
-3% from last month


YTD Closed Sales
-7% from last year


YTD Avg Sale Price
+6% from last year


YTD Price Per Sq Ft
+9% from last year

Monthly Activity

Monthly Activity

ListingsChangeNew PendingsChangeMonths SupplyChange
$10k - $150k2,4827%1,21329%2.0-17%
$150k - $250k1,5172%1,67119%0.9-15%
$250k - $500k2,545-4%2,15716%1.2-17%

YTD Closed Activity

YTD Closed’22 v ’21’22 v ’20$/SF’22 v ’21’22 v ’20
$10k - $150k6,431-13%-26%$893%9%
$150k - $250k8,857-11%-2%$1606%15%
$250k - $500k12,044-6%19%$1899%23%

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